• preparation 

we offer you a free pre-more surrey on site and a non-obligation estimate. Also customized planning and scheduling, coordination with other service providers and authorities.


  • packing services

we are committed to moving you in a way that is designed to suit to you. If your choose to pack your small items into cartons yourself, we will supply the packing materials to assist you.

Otherwise we will safely pack the fragile items or even everything in your home.
The most convient service designed to save you fine and effort is, if we do also the unpacking with the disposal of packing materials.


  • moving in Europe or moving Overseas

we are able to arrange customs clearance, storage where needed, both in Germany
and overseas, delivery and unpacking service. Experiences in special packing and transport
of items like piano´s, cars, motorbikes make your move as simple and easy as possible


  • storage

Moving service is an intricate field. Part of our comprehensive service is of course the possibility for you to store your property. Special household goods storage facilities are intigrated into our own location. These allow us to offer you  flexibility with a maximum of security for the storage of your goods. Our service is not limited to complete or partial storage of household goods, but we can also offer you the possibility of storing record files, or complete archives as well as trade fair exhibits and palletts. A simple phone call to our competent moving experts and we will offer you a solution tail or made just for your needs.


  • insurance

basic insurance is provided free of charge. And for your complete peace of mind, we offer
“Replacement as New” insurance. In the event of an item being damaged during the
course of your removal, your goods will be replaced or repaired as new at our insurances option.


  • handscraft services

Our service includes the dismantling and reassembly of furniture, kitchen furniture adjustment, installation of electrical and water supplies, disposal of bulky and hazardous waste, household dissolution, cleaning and child care and other services like rewiring of and appliances, setting of TV, etc.


  • other services

the range of services which can provided is likely long, for example cleaning team, vehicle shipping & storage, piano tuning, satellite disk installations, maid service and so on.


  • relocation

As an added service, we can enlist the services of our relocation partners, who can be waiting for you at your arrival at destination. They can assist you in adjusting to the new culture, support you with any necessary dealings with the authorities or just simply help to make your start an easier one.

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